• My Vision

    Providing a full service, beauty experience for weddings to all of Southwest Florida including Naples, Estero, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva, Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Alva, Lee High, Buckingham, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

    Brides can be well rested and worry free on their wedding day by bringing a master stylist on-site to make their special day come out perfect. There's no stress of traveling to the salon and getting back on time because the salon can come to you. I provide a premium service at an affordable price from hair and makeup to eyelash extensions and nails. Each client and service is treated special and individual, offering many variations and options to perfect their vision and make their day flawless. This day is all about you. Be pampered and love it! Anything and everything the bride desires is possible from classic makeup and hair styles to the intricate and unique or even avante guard.

    About Me

    I've been a licensed hair stylist since 2003, specializing in extensions, multi dimension coloring, cutting and bridal up-do's. I've been licensed doing hair extensions since 2004 which give length to short hair or fullness to thin hair. I have had advanced training in multi dimension and 3D coloring and cutting. I have exceptional experience working with all hair types including curly, thinning, straight, coarse, over-processed and ethnic hair. I've mastered making fine, thin hair look thick and full of body and making thick, coarse or curly hair look tame with tons of shine. I also specialize in bridal up-do's from the most classic looks to intricate or avant-garde runway styles. I'm trained in techniques like highlighting, shadowing, accent colors and eyelash extensions for a flawless makeup finish. I also graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2010 with a bachelors degree, cum laude, in business management, where I gained an understanding on the business aspect in this industry. My inspiration comes from my grandmother, who was a salon owner and stylist. I can remember as a young girl, looking forward to playing with the manikins in her salon and shampooing her clients. That was the foundation that started my passion for hair. I believe that any amazing hairstylist is born with a natural ability, that is then combined with experience and education, to make something great. The most rewarding part about this profession is having the ability to help others feel and look incredible. It is what drives and motivates me each day!

  • Getting Ready For the Big Day

    These are helpful tips to prepare your beauty services for your big day.

    * Find pictures of makeup and hairstyles you love
    * If you don't know what you like or how it will look on you, get a trial makeup application and/or hairstyle for a first glance
    * It's a great idea to get nails and/or toes done prior to the wedding day so the polish has a full 24 hours to dry.
    * It is usually best to have coloring, cutting and/or extensions applied one week before the wedding.
    * Hair extensions will hold curl better than natural hair and is a good idea for a bride if their hair doesn't hold curl well or if they desire longer, fuller hair.
    * I offer multiple services providing a customized experience for each, soon to be, bride and bridal party.

    Below is a list of services I recommend doing one week prior to the wedding.

    Single tone coloring- $55
    Highlighting or low lighting- $75-115
    Multi dimension coloring-$75-135
    Trial up-do/style- $65
    Trial makeup- $35
    Trial eyelash extensions- $25
    Manicure- $35 (French +$10)
    Pedicure- $55 (french +$10)
    Clip in extensions- $65-150, consultation is necessary to determine desired result
    Hair extensions for fullness, length or both- $250-1000, consultation is necessary to determine desired result
    *all consultations for any service is complimentary

  • Hair Extensions

    What Hair Extensions Can Do

    Hair extensions can be used for many different purposes. They can thicken fine or thin hair and they can give length to short hair. If taken care of properly the natural hair will grow with the extensions in. Many people get hair extensions after a short haircut and leave them in until the natural hair gets longer. Hair extensions hold curl much better than natural hair and is a great idea for styles with curls. Hair extensions can cover balding, receding or thinning hair on the top, bottom or sides of the head. They give fullness over the entire head or just in specific areas, like the bangs, sides or peek-a-boo pieces.

    Types of Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions can be ordered in many different kinds of hair including European, American, Indian, synthetic, Asian and remy. The hair also comes in different curl patterns like straight, wavy, curly or tight curl. The type of hair ordered depends on the natural hair and what matches the texture and curl pattern best.

    Hair extension applications

    There are many different application types to satisfy different hair types and budgets. A reasonable set of hair extensions can be as little as $250 and can go as high as $1000. The price varies depending on the type of hair ordered, the amount of hair needed and the application technique used. Some extension hair is reusable and some is not.

    Below is a list of types of hair extension applications, their cost and how long it takes.

    Fusion: $400-1000, 1-2 hours, reusable sometimes
    Surgical grade adhesive tape: $500-1000, 1-2 hours, reusable
    Beads: $300-700, 1-2 hours, reusable
    Clamps or clips: $65-150, 30 min, removable, reusable
    Braids: $250-350, 2 hours, not reusable
    Glue: $250-350, 1-2 hours, reusable
    Sew: $300-500, 2 hours, reusable

  • Hair Extensions

    Hair extension color

    Color match is the most important part when ordering hair extensions. If the color doesn't match perfectly than the line of demarkation shows. Hair extensions are ordered the exact color of the hair to match and look completely natural. Most companies have 50 or more color variations so a perfect match is possible. Many times the hair has multi tones which then requires purchasing 2-3 colors of extensions to match the hair exactly.

    Hair extension cutting

    Haircut blending is the second most important part of a natural extension application. After the extensions are applied the new, long hair is blended up to the shortest point so there isn't a weighted line where the natural hair ends and the extensions start. The haircut blending is included in the price of extensions and is no additional cost to the client.

    Hair extension Maintenance

    After three months, hair extensions will need retouched, which is approximately $150, but can go higher if the hair is not reusable and if more hair needs to be purchased. Clip in extensions are removable and do not need retouched. Most hair extensions will not damage the natural hair if taken care of properly. Instructions on proper handling and maintenance is given after the extension application is chosen.

    My Personal Guarantee

    I have had hair extensions in for the past 10 years. I absolutely love them and every client I've ever had falls in love as well. Some clients always keep them in and some take them out after their natural hair is longer. I guarantee my work and that it looks completely natural. Not even your husband will know it isn't all yours. If you have ever questioned getting hair extensions, call me and make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. You can also feel and see the different types of hair and ask any question you have or voice concerns.

  • Hair Extensions Photos!

    Hair Extensions
    Hair Extensions
    Hair Extensions
    Hair Extensions
    Hair Extensions
  • Hair Coloring and Cutting

    I have had advanced training in multi dimension and 3D coloring and cutting. Color can be applied to lighten, darken, brighten, cover grey and give shine. Cutting or trimming the hair keeps it healthy and can give body, movement, volume and add style.

    Hair Cutting

    A cut can be 3D or Asymmetrical for people who like something with an edge. Some people like trimming hair to remove only the ends to keep it healthy, so it can continue to grow. Layers or a stack in the cut can give movement, volume and body. The type of cut depends on the facial structure, shape and desired result. A typical haircut costs $55.

    Hair Coloring

    A single tone color is applied all over to lighten, darken or brighten the hair, costs $55 and lasts 1-4 months. Highlights are used to lighten specific pieces of the hair, can cost $75-115 and need redone every 1-3 months. Low lights are used to darken specific areas of the hair, can cost $75-115 and can last 1-4 months. Multi dimension color is used to give the hair a variation of different colors, can cost $75-135 and needs redone every 1-3 months.


    I use the most conditioning and enriched products. Some of the brands I use are Wella, Goldwell, Aveda, Schwarzkopf, Chi, Redken, Pravana and Paul Mitchell.

  • Chemical Services

    I offer a variety of chemical services including keratin and straightening treatments and perms.

    Keratin treatment - How it Works

    Keratin is a protein our body naturally produces and is what our hair and nails are made of. Hair has three layers. The outer layer of our hair is called the cuticle. Over time the cuticle cracks and becomes damaged. This is how people get split ends. A keratin treatment is liquid hair that fills in the cracks of the cuticle to restore it and make it healthy, shinny and completely frizz free.

    Keratin treatment - Price

    The price for keratin varies between $85-225 and can last 2-6 months, depending on which treatment is chosen.

    Keratin treatment - Brands

    I use the safest and highest quality keratin treatments. Some of the companies I use are Kopola, Pure NV and Pravana.

    Straightening treatments - How it Works

    straightening treatments reform the natural hairs curl patter and leave behind smooth, straight hair.

    Straightening treatments - Price

    The price of a straightening treatment varies from $75-150 and can last 4-12 months, depending on the type of treatment chosen.

    Straightening treatments - Brands

    I use the most effective, safest and highest quality straightening treatments. Some brands I use are Chi, Rusk and Pravana.

    Perms - How It Works

    Perms are used to make the hair curly, full of volume and bouncy. The size of the rod determines how tight or loose the curl pattern is. Perms give a tighter curl than a curling iron. A body perm can be applied to limp or fine hair to give it more bounce and volume without giving it a severe curl pattern.

    Perms - Price

    The price of the perm can vary from $65-115 and can last up to 6 months, depending if it's a regular, spiral or piggy back perm.

    Perms - Brands

    I prefer using an acid wave perm, which is the safest on the hair. Some of the brands I use are Iso, Omniperm and Wella.

  • Bridal style and Up-do's

    The type of bridal style or up-do depends on the desired result of the bride or bridesmaid. Many brides like curls. Curls can be left down to look soft and natural or pinned in an up-do arrangement. Some brides like a little of both and partially pin up the curls for a half up arrangement. The curls are held in place by pins and let down prior to the ceremony to ensure the curl will last all night. Hair extensions are a great way to have bouncy, candy curls because they hold curl better than natural hair. Accent rhinestones or braids can enhance the arrangement and make it more intricate. A shine spray is also applied to give the hair a beautiful, healthy sheen. The crown or headpiece is fitted in the style to stay all night but the veil can be removed easily with a 4 pin technique. A trial for hair is a great way to get an idea of what the bride does or doesn't like and to see how well it holds up.

    bride photo bride photo bride photo
  • Makeup


    The foundation, concealer and pressed powder is matched to the skin to enhance its natural beauty and remove shine, blemishes, brown spots and evens out the skin tone. I use a combination of mineral, organic and water proof makeup to ensure it is long lasting without any allergic reactions.

    Highlight and shadow

    Highlighting the skin on the upper cheeks and eyes and shadowing the nose and eyelid crease defines the beauty of the face and facial structure without looking caked or overdone. Blush and bronzer is used on the cheeks to bring out the cheek bones and make the face look slender.

    Eyes and eyebrows

    Eyebrow pencil or powder is applied to fill in sparse areas in the brow. Eyeshadow color varies from person to person depending on the skin tone, color of the outfit and desired result. I often use a deeper tone in the crease to give the illusion of larger eyes. Eyeliner can be applied to open the eyes, give a cat shape, or enhance the eyes and eye color. It can be applied on the top lid, bottom lid or both using a waterproof pencil or liquid. Mascara is applied on the top and bottom eyelashes using a brown or black, waterproof color, depending on how fare the skin is.

    Eyelash extensions

    Eyelash extensions give the illusion of longer, fuller lashes without the damage of a strip lash. They are individual, clusters of lashes which are applied along the lash line with a waterproof adhesive. A full set of eyelash extensions is $25 and lasts 1-2 weeks if handled properly. Eyelash extensions look amazing in pictures, softens the face and helps opens up the eye.


    a waterproof lip liner and lip color enhances the shape of the lip and makes the lip look fuller. The color depends on the skin tone and desired result. A gloss is applied after the lip color to give shine and sparkle.


    I use a combination of mineral, organic and waterproof makeup to ensure its longevity without causing an allergic reaction. Some of the brands I use are Mirabella, Smashbox, Dior, MAC, Mary Kay, Bobbi Brown, Lancôme, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Urban Decay and Nuxe.

  • Nails

    I use OPI, Hard Candy, Gelish, Shellac, China Glaze, Essie, Orly and Zoya nail polish. For a classic look I recommend a French manicure or pedicure which is $35 for the manicure, $55 for the pedicure and an additional $10 for French. A simple but bold technique can be applied with just a solid coat of polish using mute, natural or vibrant tones. I guarantee the polish lasts at least 2 weeks and recommend getting nails done one week prior to the wedding so it has a full 24 hours to dry.

  • Services and Prices


    Up-do or half up-do-$65
    Bridal up-do- $85
    Single tone coloring-$55
    Highlight or low light- $75-$115
    Multi tone coloring-$75-$135
    Haircut- $55
    Keratin treatment- $85-$225
    Straightening treatment- $75-$150
    Conditioning treatment- $15
    Perm- $65-$115
    Flower Girl $45
    Clip in hair extensions- $65-$150 consultation necessary to achieve desired result
    Hair extensions for fullness, length or both- $250-1000 consultation necessary to achieve desired result


    Makeup application- $65 and up
    Eyelash extension- $20
    Eyebrow clean up- $15


    Manicure- $35
    Pedicure- $55
    Add on French- $10
    Polish change- $25

    Bridal packages

    Pampered Bride- includes brides hair, makeup, eyelash extensions, polish touch up on fingers and toes, a bottle of sparkling wine and strawberries $200

    * consultations for any service are complimentary
    * ask how you can get 20% off your services
    * parties of 5 or less will be charged a $45 traveling fee

    There is a $500 minimum for on-site services.

    I look forward to sharing this special day with you and making your memories perfect!

    A non-refundable deposit of $100 is requested to guarantee the stylist and date. Traveling expenses may apply

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